Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development

Programme Features

The BASc(GHD) provides students with the interdisciplinary knowledge and competencies necessary to become leaders in developing sustainable solutions to the rapidly-evolving global health and development challenges of today’s world.


The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development [BASc(GHD)] is a four-year undergraduate programme, with a particular focus on interdisciplinarity in the context of global health and development. The aim of the programme is to nurture future leaders who have the broad foundation of knowledge, skills and competencies to contribute to tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


The broad curriculum is delivered in partnership with Faculties across HKU including Architecture, Business and Economics, Law, Science, and Social Sciences. This allows students to develop core blocks of knowledge from a multidisciplinary and international perspective. The programme also encourages the development of the practical skills required to succeed in today’s competitive job market as well as knowledge and academic credibility. This is why as part of the programme, students are required to undertake six months’ of practical work in a global health and development organisation where they will receive expert support and mentoring, and gain valuable work experience.


The BASc(GHD) combines:

  • Basic to intermediate level courses across multiple Faculties (Architecture, Business and Economics, Law, Medicine, Science, Social Sciences)
  • Advanced seminars
  • Field placement in global health and development organisations
  • Mentoring on career choices and leadership
  • BASc courses on leadership and big data analytics


Why was the BASc(GHD) created

Challenges such as chronic and infectious diseases; the development of better and more accessible health systems; the reduction of poverty and inequities; the consequences of societal and conflict-related displacement; and the existential planetary threats of climate change are at the heart of modern health and development. To tackle such complex and rapidly evolving challenges, not only will it require approaches that consider the health of people and the development of communities and countries together, but also ideas that combine and cross disciplines. The BASc(GHD) was created to better prepare the next generation of leaders who will work on (and solve) such deeply important challenges.

Interdisciplinary Major

This 96-credit interdisciplinary major is hosted by the LKS Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with Faculties of Architecture; Business and Economics; Law; Science; and Social Sciences.


Anchoring Courses

Four anchoring courses, one in each year of study, adopt a case-based problem-solving approach to assist students to navigate the interconnectedness among the various academic disciplines. These courses include:

  • Foundations in global health and development
  • Globalisation and health
  • Leadership and advocacy in global health and development
  • Global health policy


BASc Core Courses

Three BASc Core Courses will be offered in Year 1 and 2 to cultivate an interdisciplinary mindset in students, to nurture their leadership and advocacy talents, and to hone their skills in cutting-edge big data sciences. These courses include:

  • Sustainable leadership
  • Foundations of human knowledge
  • Essential skills for undergraduates: Foundations of data science


Field Placement/Capstone

A distinctive feature of the programme is a compulsory capstone, during which students will be placed for a 6-month experience facilitated by HKU. Students will gain exposure to real-life global health and development challenges. They will have the opportunity to gain practical experience and receive mentoring from organisations at the forefront of Global Health and Development, which will help pave the path to their career.



“Taking an overseas placement during undergraduate study exposes myself to real-life global health and development setting. I am elated to apply interdisciplinary knowledge to my internship and make impactful changes to the community. This rewarding experience has further ascertained my aspiration in advocating for the underprivileged population in the global society.”

Dickson Tong
BASc(GHD) Year 4


Foundational Learning Blocks

Arts and Sciences

  • Economics and finance
  • Globalisation
  • Interpretation of statistics
  • Research methods


Global and National Issues

  • Global health governance
  • International law
  • Social and cultural priorities
  • Major global trends


Global Development

  • Economics of development
  • International relations
  • Politics and international trade
  • Population growth and development
Advanced Learning Blocks

Global Governance and Multinational Institutions

  • Politics, policy-making and governance
  • Roles and jurisdictions of multinational and international organisations


In-depth Study – Advanced Seminars

Topics such as:

  • Universal health coverage
  • Pandemics and emergencies
  • Food systems
  • Healthy cities
  • Sustainable development
Minor Options and Electives

Students can plan their study with the remaining 90 credits in various manners, such as taking a minor, and/or electives offered within the BASc(GHD) curriculum or those offered in other curricula across Faculties. Within BASc(GHD) curriculum, the minor options offered include:


Minor in Global Health

Example Courses:

  • Environmental change and socio-political conflicts
  • Theories and global trends in urban development
  • Health systems and financing


Minor in Global Development in Asia

Example Courses:

  • Economic development
  • Introduction to international relations
  • Global political economy


Programme Structure

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“Global health is interdisciplinary, it is not just about health-it is social, political, and is closely related to the world economy. That’s why global health is always relevant and studying BASc(GHD) in HKU allows us to explore the field further.”


Claudia Lam
BASc(GHD) Year 4





Admissions Information

JUPAS Candidates
Non-JUPAS Candidates


Professional Recognition & Career Prospects


Students will have the educational foundation, interdisciplinary skills and practical experience needed to launch a broad range of careers in sectors such as global health, development and economics, industry, academia, government and non-governmental organisations. The competencies, perspectives, knowledge and skills will enable students to take on technical, academic, strategic and leadership related roles.



“Modern careers take a variety of tracks, that’s why the BASc(GHD) programme gives students the opportunity to embrace curiosity and develop a broad foundation of knowledge and skills combined with the practical experience to succeed in today’s increasingly connected world.”


Dr Ryan Au Yeung
Assistant Professor and BASc(GHD) Admissions Tutor