Top Medical School

HKUMed has continually set the benchmark for excellence in Asia and in 2023 was ranked 13th worldwide in the subject “Clinical and Health” of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and 31st by individual subject in Medicine of the QS World University Rankings.

HKUMed is one of the largest faculty with HKU, with over 420 full-time academic staff and 1,000 research and research-related support personnel and with over 5,300 students. The Faculty is currently comprised with 20 departments – School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Chinese Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine, School of Nursing, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, School of Public Health and a number of research centres that focus on different strengths of researches.

135 Years of History in Medical Education

HKUMed is Hong Kong’s oldest and most prestigious faculty of medicine and a leader in pioneering medical education, training and research.


Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese was established​


The first two graduates of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese, Sun Yat-sen and Kong Ying-wah, are granted the qualified diploma of medicine​


The University of Hong Kong is formally opened and the Hong Kong College of Medicine is incorporated within HKU as the first faculty​


The Faculty celebrates its 135th anniversary

HKUMed is the longest established institution of higher learning in Hong Kong. This is a heritage we are all proud of, even as we lead the way with technological advances and cutting-edge approaches that have allowed us to continue to produce impactful research, bring in necessary funding, and stay at the forefront of our respective fields.

Leading Researches with Global Impacts

The Faculty aspires to be a global leader in teaching and learning, research and discovery, clinical service and knowledge exchange in the professional domains of medicine, nursing, public health, pharmacy, Chinese medicine and in the biomedical and social sciences that underpin these professions. At the same time, we aim to nurture outstanding students who would go on to serve the people locally, nationally and around the world, thus leading to sustainable social development through better health.


HKUMed’s position as a world leader in research was demonstrated by our work on COVID-19, where our scholars provided some of the earliest key insights on the culprit virus and its spread, and were sought out by governments and organisations around the world for advice and guidance. We are also a leader in Hong Kong and the region on complex and groundbreaking clinical care.

Innovative Teaching and Learning Resources

The HKU Medical Faculty has always been at the forefront of medical research and the development of new clinical services that benefit mankind. Through the curiosity and persistence of our world-class researchers, we have made important contributions to the study and treatment of cancers and liver diseases. Our team has also made notable advances in tissue typing, spinal surgery, infectious diseases, in-vitro fertilisation, endocrinology and tobacco-related diseases.

Teaching at HKUMed is well-supported by more than 420 full-time teaching staff coming from the 20 departments and schools of the Faculty, with an additional 3,000 honorary teachers across all disciplines, most of whom are doctors in public hospitals or private practitioners. With our school and departments facilitating teaching and learning at all levels, HKUMed has emerged as a leader in medical and healthcare education in Asia, while our curriculum has set a standard for the region, with other disciplines and institutions following our lead.

Multimedia Learning at HKUMed

To facilitate ongoing implementation of online and blended learning, we have built our fully-equipped E-learning Studio and the Multimedia Learning Team, to support the production of high-quality e-learning resources.The Multimedia Learning Team provides pedagogical and technical support for the production of high-quality e-learning resources that are used for the delivery of undergraduate and taught postgraduate teaching at HKUMed.  The services will be introduced in phases, with the present Phase I affording priority to MBBS teaching.

Global Opportunities and Exposure

HKU’s overall goal to promote internationalisation, innovation and interdisciplinarity.


Enrichment Year (EY)

EY is specially designed to facilitate the enhancement of students’ total learning experience. Students are able to formulate their EY through three different categories: Service and Humanitarian Work, Research Attachment and Intercalation.

Students may take part in a humanitarian relief mission at remote locations, experience medical camps in under-developed countries, or work locally with NGOs via Service/Humanitarian Work. For those with investigative minds, research internship locally in HKU or internationally at world class laboratories fit perfectly with Research Attachment. Through Intercalation, students are able to enjoy electives or minors at HKU or full-year articulation studies at overseas renowned universities.

BNurs / BNurs-ALT

“Life Enrichment (LE) Learning” course

The course aims at allowing students to acquire a wide variety of eye-opening learning experiences through participating in 2 LE programmes (each lasts for around 3 weeks) held outside Hong Kong. LE programmes can be in the nature of short-term trip, short-term study, practical experience, service/humanitarian activity, or research attachment.

Places for the LE programmes around the globe are being solicited and a pilot run was held in the summer of 2019.  Eight groups in a total of 36 students explored different countries/regions namely East Africa, China, South Korea, Sweden and Taiwan.


Through the Chinese Medicine Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme, students can widen their horizons and enrich their learning experience. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to study in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for one summer semester. Students will also be arranged to participate in a field trip which they can learn more about the indigenous traditional Chinese medicine herbs in the natural environment in Mainland China. The Chinese Medicine dispensary practicum will, on the other hand, allow them to obtain practical experience at Chinese Medicine dispensary.


Overseas Exchange Programme

All our pharmacy students will have the opportunity to participate in an international exchange programme. The department has established strong link with pharmacy department of different universities and hospitals around the world, including Chicago (USA), Rouen (France), Kumamoto (Japan), Nagoya (Japan), London (United Kingdom), Melbourne (Australia), Sydney (Australia), Vancouver (Canada) and Nanjing (China). The exchange programme offers a unique educational and cultural experience in addition to further pharmaceutical knowledge. It also helps to broaden the students’ understanding of pharmaceutical and social conditions in different countries. Through the student exchange programme, there will be increased opportunities for improvement in pharmacy education through facilitating students to undertake international professional experiences in research, hospital or community pharmacy, giving them the ability to compare and contrast health care provisions between the visited country and Hong Kong. This experience will give students the ability to develop ideas on the future development of the pharmacy profession in Hong Kong.


Overseas Exchange / Summer Internship Programmes

Under the Summer Research Internship Programme, BBiomedSc can join the research teams of professoriate members of the Faculty, attach to the research laboratories of top class universities abroad, or work in an external agency related to field of Biomedical Sciences or in other industries in the summer of Year 1, 2 and 3. The Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme (URFP) of the University supports students in their pursuit of research and development with the provision of scholarships.

They can participate in overseas exchange and/or articulation programmes in the third year of study for further study to obtain professional qualification after graduation.


A distinctive feature of the programme is the opportunity for students to take part in 6 months mandatory overseas field placement arranged by HKU. Students will have gain exposure to real life global health and development challenges and have the opportunity to receive mentoring from leading global health and development organisations.Students will be placed in organisations such as UN agencies, Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), Philanthropic Foundations and research institutions.

  • Overseas Exchange Programme
    Apart from the mandatory 6-month overseas field placement, BASc(GHD) students can also enrich their global experience by going on overseas exchange.Through the HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange (HKUWW) Programme, BASc(GHD) students have the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters at more than 300 exchange partners in 45 destinations worldwide.

Internship and Research Opportunities

BSc (Bioinformatics) students are provided with ample opportunities to gain work experience in the industry as well as local and international research laboratories relating to bioinformatics and health data science. An internship can be taken as a credit-bearing course during the semester, or as a non-credit-bearing experience during the summer break. The workplace learning experience will enable students to apply knowledge gained during their studies in real work environments.

Well-rounded Support and Development

Student well-being is one of the Faculty’s top priorities. The Student Wellness Team is available on the Medical Campus to provide convenient, confidential and free clinical services.

What do we do?

  • Offer free-of-charge counselling service specially for you, students in the faculty of medicine, to address any personal, relational, educational, emotional, family, or any other issues affecting your well-being
  • Hold mental health and well-being promotion programmes
  • Offer referral services for medical consultation and/or support
  • Provide crisis intervention service for student in urgent needs to help student in need
  • Services are availble in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin